Our Story

We tried everything until we finally found a solution…

We drank coffee, all kinds of energy drinks and lots of water. We paced around the room, jumped up in the air and snoozed in the car but continued to yawn shamelessly. Nothing helped defy the urge to build a kennel under our desk (George Costanza) that would be the perfect place for a noontime nap. Just an hour would do before getting back to work with renewed energy.

We started researching the subject and found out that we were dealing with somewhat of a phenomenon.

Experts in the field have assured us that our gut feelings about noontime fatigue were right. It’s not only because we stayed up till 2 am watching DVDs. It is actually because that is how our biological clock is built (and of mammals in general).

This phenomenon is called PLD – Post Lunch Dip (click here to read an article about the “Breakdown Hour”) and about 85% of the western world suffers from it.


Data shows that in 2006 alone companies in the US lost about $136.4 billion due to a decrease in employee efficiency as a result of post lunch fatigue. (click here to read a report on “Lost Time and Productivity”).

Many people believe (and we did too) that the reason for this fatigue is lunch, however, it turns out that this is the minor reason; in reality, this feeling of tiredness is due to a decline in body temperature and sugar levels. Trust us. We are talking about a phenomenon, not a meal.

Further research revealed another disturbing fact: fatigue also weakens the immune system. Add to this equation closed buildings and over-motivated people who come to work sick and you have a “mini epidemic” on your hands of all kinds of flu and viruses.


Equipped with a fair amount of knowledge and insights, we set out to create a formula backed by nature itself (which has supplied us with some wonderful ingredients), advanced laboratories and leading food engineers. We thought, experimented, did research, held focus groups and taste tests until we finally came up with the ideal formula that would provide a comprehensive solution for this phenomenon.

We woke up!!!