Our Approach to Life

We aren’t quite sure how it used to be, but the pace of modern life is apparent in every aspect. It’s just one crazy race,defined by an attitude of over-achieving that doesn’t take the human being into account or his potential wear and tear.

It’s quite clear that you can’t cram three lifetimes into ten years, yet unfortunately this is the price tag that is placed on our career/personal achievement/life race. Whoever can – pays. The bottom line is that this is life and these are the rules of the game. It’s a matter of choice, culture, technology, motivation – whatever.

At the same time, we are also saying that the rules of the game are fair and square. There are exactly 24 hours a day and that’s why we say: “If you can’t make more time, make more of your time.”

Making More of Your Time – Something to Think About

Imagine there was a bank that offered you $86,400 a day. This sum is given on a daily basis and whatever you haven’t spent during that day, is erased. What would you do? Spend every penny, no doubt.

Each one of us has such a bank. That bank is called: TIME.

Every morning we are awarded 86,400 seconds. Any time that is not used goes to waste. The remainder does not get transferred to the next day, you can’t have an overdraft and each day your account is re-opened. You can’t go back and can’t draw an advance from tomorrow. You must live in the present, making use of the time you have each day. Invest your time towards achieving the best health, happiness and success you are seeking.

The clock is ticking: Wake your today!