The Science of Time: Chronobiology

Every living organism – including humans – responds to the cycles of the sun and moon. Chronobiology studies those periodic cycles and how organisms adapt to them, especially through our internal biological clocks. Our daily clock runs on oscillations or circadian rhythms in our nervous system and cells that repeat in cycles throughout the day – for example, sleep-wake cycles and body temperature cycles. Within those cycles, our biological rhythms run in shorter repeated cycles that vary alertness, fatigue, and peak functioning
Helps improve alertness and cognitive performance for more than 120 minutes
The natural alertness effect remains throughout the day (not only at noon)
Superior alternative to caffeine - without the harmful effects of caffeine intake
No increase in heart rate or blood pressure and no tolerance effect over time

WakeUp!® Base

A liquid botanical formula that integrates perfectly with a variety of applications:
Healthy snack Bars
Ice cream
Morning drinks
Energy drinks/ shots
Dietary Supplement
Yogurt and dery
Your Application

What Is WakeUp!® Made Of

WakeUp® ! formulation is based on 4 main functional and natural standardize extracts:
For mental and physical health support (only 10 mg of natural caffeine).
A climbing bush from the Amazon forest. Contains Guaranine, a molecule similar to caffeine, but is released slower in the body (3-6 hours). A comparative study conducted at an Australian university*, has shown that Guarana was clearly more effective than caffeine in mental and physical stimulation. The awakening effect of caffeine wears off after 60 minutes and creates increased fatigue, whereas, the Guaranine continues to be effective for 180 minutes and more without any decline. In addition, Gurana’s stimulating effect is not followed by the tension and lack of concentration typical of caffeine.
Ginkgo Biloba or Green Tea
For blood circulation, mood and cognitive performance support
For blood circulation, mood and cognitive performance support
Studies have demonstrated its contribution towards an improved quality of life. Ginkgo Biloba or Green Tea are a powerful antioxidant that was shown to support blood circulation and assist in delivering oxygen to the body and brain, thus it may effect concentration, mood, fatigue and response rates
For immune system function support.
Elderberry, also known as the “medicinal tree” grows in the US and Asia. Its flowers were shown to have anti-viral and antioxidants effects. These effects contribute to the proper function of the immune system, and promote the body’s first line defense.
Carob And Apple Extract As a Sweetner
A natural, low glycemic sweetener exclusively derived from fruits
A unique fruit sugar that helps manage fatigue in general and P.L.D in particular. A drop in blood sugar levels is common during midday hours. Maintaining a constant sugar level, can reduce a decline in energy levels and enable better, longer lasting physical and mental results.